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Welcome to Furnish a Veteran

Welcome: With our community and Veteran connections in every state, we can provide intelligent and nearly immediate resources for any qualified home furnishing needs … We also have solutions for aligning Veteran candidates who may wish to participate with the Furnish a Veteran organization – Reach out for a personal, private consultation anytime.

Who we are: Furnish A Veteran is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, founded by a formerly Homeless Veteran to provide free furniture and delivery to Veterans who are making the transition from homelessness to their first permanent residence.

All Veterans: All Veterans referred by the Veterans Administration HUD/VASH and HPACT Programs are automatically qualified to receive all furniture free of charge.

Your Gift: Through your donations, we are on our way to helping Veterans Nationwide. As you continue to give, we will expand our services to give Homeless Veterans “The Honor & Dignity They Have Earned and Deserve”.

What’s the reason: Why are so many Veterans and families successful after of becoming involved? It’s because we have a proven system that’s fast, easy to navigate and very satisfying to use.

When I ask:  most people about what they want from a charitable platform it comes down to basically 4 things: simplicity, flexibility, ease of use and a cause that resonates with everyone, while providing real value in the community. Our business is simple and straight forward to begin with and more importantly, a cornerstone of our platform’s success is the blueprint that has been worked out in advance, coupled with the best customer care and personalized service you will ever experience.

Setting Industry Precedent – Join us and save a homeless Veterans life Today!