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Welcome To Furnish A Veteran

“Furnishing New Hope To Homeless Veterans”

Mission Statement:
Furnish A Veteran is a 501c-3 non-profit organization, and was founded by a former homeless veteran to provide free furniture and delivery to veterans who are making the transition from homelessness to their first permanent residence. All veterans referred by the Veterans Administration HUD/VASH and HPACT programs are automatically qualified to receive all furniture free of charge.

Stories of Hope

Here are some remarks from veterans we have helped in our area:

“I had no where else to turn to. I was afraid of being in a empty place. I felt like I was back in Al Anbar (Iraq). I was going to leave and go back on the streets until my VA counselor told me about a program for free stuff. I couldn’t turn it down.”

“These guys are the best! They got me a new bed and a couple of couches that I needed without money out of pocket.”

“God bless these guys. I am so glad to see veterans helping other veterans. They gave me hope when I didn’t have any left.”

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Through your donations, we are on the way to helping veterans in our area. As you continue to give, we will expand our efforts to help in other states to give veterans new hope. They have sacrificed enough, they should not have to go without any longer.